Bitcoin Circuit Review: An Objective Perspective of BTC Trading

Bitcoin Circuit

Trading Bitcoin – since the crypto-currency shot through the ceiling in 2017, many investors are interested in the cryptocoin. Anyone who wants to get into the business has to make some preparations. You need access to a crypto exchange and the wallet to store traded coins safely. Traders looking for ways to trade on Bitcoin will also come across Bitcoin Circuit. Behind this there is no broker or crypto exchange, but a so-called crypto-trading bot. What is behind it? And it can be seen from our experience whether it is a serious offer or hardcore trading fraud.

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Bitcoin Trading ohne Exchange und BTC Wallet

Why should investors be so cautious about investing in Bitcoin and crypto currencies? Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies is still an area where there is no regulation. Background: Bitcoin and Co. are not classified as an official currency. Therefore providers are not monitored. In recent years, there have been cases where traders’ assets have simply disappeared from providers. Our test takes Bitcoin Circuit apart in detail.

In this Bitcoin Circuit review, you may see numerous ways how to make money and how to use Bitcoin Circuit – especially how it works. Make money, like real money through live trading and no need trading experience.

Let’s get started, read this Bitcoin Circuit review now!

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What is Bitcoin Circuit?

For our field report we were also curious to know what Bitcoin Circuit actually is. Before our review of the Bitcoin Circuit experiences, we assumed that we were dealing with a crypto exchange. However, we were soon disabused of this assumption.

There is neither a stock exchange/exchange for cryptocurrencies nor a broker under scrutiny. Rather, this is a so-called trading bot. This is software that automatically scans the markets for trading signals – and then reacts accordingly.

The advantages of Solutions

  • Trading Bots trade automatically
  • Bots react much faster to market changes
  • Trading bots can be customized.

However, such trading tools also have certain disadvantages. One of them is the fact that bots are not always right, so they should never be used without the necessary background knowledge.

It is typical for the crypto currencies in particular that the markets react very volatile. A fact that can be explained by the low liquidity, among other things. In the meantime, billions of euros are invested in the market, especially in Bitcoin. However, this trading volume is still low compared to the FX majors such as EUR/USD.

Attention: There are always statements circulating on the net that tools like Bitcoin Circuit are a method to earn thousands of Euros with BTC “in your sleep”. This statement is simply misleading and wrong. Every trader who wants to be successful with his investments must keep an eye on the positions. Otherwise the risk of loss will increase dramatically.

Bitcoin Circuit experience: The entry

On the first visit to the Bitcoin Circuit platform, it is noticeable that the makers of the Bitcoin Circuit advertise with a video that generally addresses the potential of the cryptocurrency. Snippets showing an English news channel can be seen – and celebrities like Bill Gates or Richard Branson. We also see the logos of magazines like the Financial Times and Forbes.

Getting started with Bitcoin Circuit is in itself relatively straightforward. According to our Bitcoin Circuit experience, all you need to do is enter your first and last name and e-mail address in the input mask on the website. Afterwards you have to enter your telephone number. And that’s really it. After successfully setting up the Bitcoin Circuit user account, new investors can already find themselves in the backend.

Details for opening an account with Bitcoin Circuit:

·   First and last name

·   Email address

·   Mobile phone number

Attention: The password to access the account is generated by Bitcoin Circuit.

What strikes us in this context are the promises of Bitcoin Circuit. At this point, the platform operators give the impression that with BTC it is child’s play to become a millionaire within a short time. In any case, these promises should be viewed with skepticism. Especially with the crypto currencies, things can go up very quickly. The year 2017 is the best example here.

Within a few months, the coin shot up from under USD 1,000 (at the beginning of the year) to the USD 20,000 mark. Some analysts saw six-figure prices already within reach. A look back shows that things turned out differently. Within a very short period of time, Bitcoin gave up a large part of its profits at the end of 2017 – thus literally pulverizing the returns of many traders. An aspect that is also worth keeping in mind for Bitcoin Circuit.

Bitcoin Trading: How to invest with BTC Circuit

Before investors can enter trading with Bitcoin Circuit, an important condition must first be met. The platform operators require a minimum capitalization for the trading account. This means: 250 EUR have to be deposited on the trading account.

Those who shy away from these, have no chance at Bitcoin Circuit to participate in the performance of the platform. On the part of the developers of the bots, the security with which the algorithms hit is put at over 99 percent. By the way, there are no fees for using the bots – at least according to our Bitcoin Circuit experience. This seems to be a very cheap way to invest in the crypto currencies at this point.

Bitcoin Circuit allows traders to trade in two different ways – manual trading and autotrading. However, the trading instruments are blocked until the required deposit amount is credited. The advantage of the auto mode is obvious: Especially beginners can be “taken by the hand” during first actions

Nevertheless, it is advisable to include manual trading in the considerations. Background: Bitcoin Circuit Bots make their decisions based on market factors alone. However, sometimes other factors also play a role in the development of prices, such as

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  1. Regulation efforts
  2. Hacks of major stock exchanges
  3. Halving

The latter may push up the price of Bitcoin – as already observed in 2012 and 2016. Background: Halving halves the number of Bitcoin per block. This artificial shortage pushes up the price per Bitcoin. The next halving is scheduled for 2020.

Such a development is of course not priced into the algorithms of trading bots. Note: At various places on the net we have found reports that credit can be deposited at Bitcoin Circuit via credit card, Neteller or IMMEDIATELY. Based on our Bitcoin Circuit experience this cannot be confirmed. After registering the trading account, we only had the option to transfer and deposit funds via Bitcoin.

Trading cryptocoins manually

Autotrading delivers trading signals very quickly, which traders can exploit on the platform. Despite this quite interesting tool, nobody should simply rest on it. On the contrary: manual trading must be mastered just as well. Trading signals are obtained here from chart analysis.


·   MA (moving average)

·   Bollinger Bands

are essential to betting “on the right horse”. But it is just as important to step on the emergency brake in time. If the trade slides into the red, high losses are otherwise inevitable. Anyone who wants to try manual trading on Bitcoin must be familiar with trading strategies. And it is also important to know order types. Two are of great value for trading with Bitcoin Circuit: Stop Loss and Trailing Stop.

The Stop Loss ensures that a position is closed when the price of the coin reaches the set critical level. Caution: Slippage is a phenomenon that can occur again and again when the market moves very violently. With a Trailing Stop you can take profits and exit the trade when the trend is negative. To do this, the stop loss is simply trailed at a certain distance from the price. If the trend is down, the stop loss triggers the closing of the position.

Bitcoin Circuit Review: This is what we noticed

The Bitcoin Robot considerably simplifies trading on the crypto currency. Especially in view of past returns, it is tempting to simply register with Bitcoin Circuit – and cut a slice of the cake. However, we still noticed some points that are worth keeping in mind.

Upon registration, the platform has automatically opened a trading account with an FX broker. In our case this was FX Review based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Unfortunately at no point during the registration process was there any mention of this account being opened.

Of course it is understandable that live trading on cryptocoins requires professional tools. And these do not just fall out of the sky. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial to the aspect of seriousness to point out this fact in any case. A second point, which plays a role here, arises from the broker account. FX Review is an FX/CFD broker, i.e. it offers leverage products.

Trading is done through the broker among others:

·   Shares CFDs

·   CFDs on indices

·   Commodity CFDs

·   Major and minor currency pairs.

Crypto currencies are only a small part of the offer. What does the fact that Bitcoin Circuit is working with a broker like FX Review mean by opening an account here? In this context, it is conceivable that the platform’s live trading is not handled directly in the buying and selling of Bitcoin – but within the framework of leveraged products.

For this, Bitcoin Circuit naturally needs a partner as broker. And this would also explain why the minimum deposit is set at 250 EUR. FX Review sets this amount as the minimum deposit to open a trading account.

Conclusion: Look very closely at Bitcoin Circuit

What is our final conclusion? Have we discovered evidence of Bitcoin Circuit fraud? Various points are very quickly noticed by the provider. On the one hand, Bitcoin Circuit repeatedly emphasizes that live trading in the cryptocurrency can make you rich very quickly. On the other hand, the platform operators talk about the fact that a high ROI (Return of Investment) can be achieved with just a few minutes “work” a day. What makes the platform really difficult to evaluate, however, is the fact that trading accounts are easily opened with FX and CFD brokers.

This procedure is already known in connection with copy/social trading. However, direct reference is also made to it here. Bitcoin Circuit, on the other hand, does not provide much information on this subject. This fact and the fact that crypto-currencies are generally a highly volatile market urges caution. It is advisable to let your own portfolio rest on several pillars – that is, to pay attention to a high diversification.

Stard trading now with Bitcoin Circuit. You can also check other Bitcoin Circuit review and see for yourself how Bitcoin Circuit works and make money.

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